When you’re in it, time stands still. Light turns to night, to light, back to night, but inside the feeling stays constant. A pulsating energy courses through your veins, a current alive with possibility and purpose. Late nights are a dream, early mornings – an absolute breeze. Everything seems to fall into place as if by a divine power and it just feels soooo gooood.

Welcome to the flow.

This elusive inner space is hard to come by. Some spend their entire lives searching for it in all the wrong places, while a lucky few find the key where they least expect it. When you find that passion that puts purpose into your days, the universe conspires to help you in mystical ways. Suddenly you find everything you need flowing effortlessly towards you. Mentors appear, business opportunities arise, doors form where brick walls once were. Magic occurs and it’s your hands the wand is in.

So how do you find your way into this flowing state of being where your livelihood and passion collides?

It’s simple.

Follow your heart.

If you follow money, you will spend your life counting cash. The desperate desire to become a financial success will inform your decisions, tarnish your relationships and eat away at your creativity and flare. You’ll start pinching pennies and stop the flow of energy (that is money) towards you. Never forget: you have to give to get. Follow your heart, do what it is you are really meant to do with your time on this earth and the money will come naturally.

If you follow your parent’s path, you will spend your life picking up the pieces of someone else’s unfinished dream. Follow your heart and you will find your own path. Yes there will be twists and turns, potholes and speed bumps, but it will be yours to follow. You will make your own mistakes, your own discoveries and you will dance the whole way through.

If you follow the path laid out for you by society, you could spend your entire life living as a cookie cutter minion. You’ll have the house, the car, the suit, the paycheck and the instructions on how to put it all together. Follow your heart and you will carve your own existence. Maybe it’s not what you expected it to be, maybe you’re not married by the age of 30, maybe you retire before you even reach the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. Dare to live life different.

I came to Sri Lanka to deepen my yoga practice and find my way as a starting out yoga teacher. Two years later and I find myself running my own dream guesthouse and yoga space. Everyday I live in my flow and feel immensely fulfilled sharing this magic with others.

So go on and get out there, follow your heart and find your flow.

Camilla Marsh

Owner and Founder of Mamma Shanti Retreat Center, Ella, Sri Lanka