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Suan Sati Yoga Retreat Chiang Mai Winter Retreat

Yoga Teacher Training Chiang Mai Thailand - Suan Sati

Suan Sati is a meditation and yoga retreat in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our yoga retreat community is built on a permaculture site located just outside of the ancient city of Chiang Mai. We offer guests the opportunity to come and join our family for a yoga retreat of a few days or a few weeks. We welcome those who are new to yoga and meditation, and also to those who have an established practice and want to deepen their understanding.

We offer a range of all-inclusive meditation and yoga retreats at an affordable price for those on a budget. Whether you’re new to meditation and yoga or a seasoned practitioner, we’ve got something for you. Our winter retreat program (November – March) is a 6 day immersion into the yogic lifestyle. From March to October we welcome stays of 3 nights up to several weeks, arriving and leaving on any day. We also occasionally host special programs like yoga teacher trainings and weekend retreats.

Suan Sati meditation and yoga retreat center is located in Ban Si Bunreuang, a tiny traditional Thai village lost in time. We’re only 20 kilometers north of the glittering temples of Chiang Mai, but it couldn’t feel further away. Driving in you’ll see the stunning mountain backdrop, forest, lakes, rice fields, water buffalo, and ever-friendly and smiling locals. Come join us here at Suan Sati and get a taste for what slow life is like in a local village untouched by tourism.


Suan Sati is a magical place! The energy and beauty of the place and the people who live there captivate the heart of anyone who goes there! The singing of the birds, the flight of the butterflies, the color of the flowers, and the smile of the people transform each day into a real gift. Everyone can feel the respect and affection that fill the atmosphere and in a short time you feel like family. If you're going through Chiang Mai, don't miss the opportunity to spend time in Suan Sati and enjoy everything that this place can bring you!!

Caroline Almeida

Thank you so much for this amazing experience. This was exactly what I was looking for. No doubt I will come back to be part again of this amazing project, a sanctuary of happiness, health, mindfulness, special connection between people, love..

Nanou Lagardère

The experiences I received at Suan Sati were like no others experienced throughout my 18 months in Thailand. I was made to feel part of the family as soon as I walked into the magical Garden of Mindfulness. I was given space to express myself, my cooking and my decisions and intuition were respected and encouraged all day everyday. The yoga and meditation programme was by far the best I have experienced and I will take the knowledge and love given by Will, Lisa and the Suan Sati family with me on my journey....

Cleo Whitehead

I had the pleasure of staying at the Suan Sati for 2 weeks with my wife Nikki. I'm a 32 year old construction worker who drinks beer, is not flexible, and is pretty set in my ways, so staying at a vegan Buddhist meditation and yoga retreat center wasn’t at the top of my holiday list. I'm not vegan, in fact most times I take all the toppings off my burger because it gets in the way of the real food. The meat. I won't lie, before I ate the first meal I said to myself ``what is this?``, but after I finished my third plate I reconsidered. I've never eaten this clean before in my life. By day three I was almost pushing people out of the way to get to the food. There wasn't a single thing that we ate during our stay that I wasn't excited about, and the creativity of every dish blew my mind. I have changed some of my eating habits since the trip, including leaving some lettuce and toppings stay on my burgers and I might have a salad for a light snack. Thanks again to the chefs we learned from, the guests we enjoyed feasts with, and everyone in the Suan Sati family that made this an experience with that will benefit my wife and I for the rest of our lives.

Joe Schachter

Thanks Will for introducing us to the world of Buddhism, meditation, yoga and healthy eating. It was great to be part of your project and part of the family. Look forward to seeing it grow into your dream meditation and yoga retreat in Chiang Mai and returning in the future.

Matilde Folis

Incredible opportunity to learn about Buddhism, yoga, meditation, and permaculture in a beautiful and safe environment. The best part was learning from each other - very gifted and open minded people from all over the world - skilled, caring, knowledgeable and fun! Will is genuinely caring and makes sure everyone feels a part of the family even if you're a jungle cat. Love vibration all around.

Megan Morten

Suan Sati means garden of mindfulness, and that’s exactly what I found during my stay there. A place to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. Starting days with meditation and yoga gets your mind and body tuned up and ready for beautiful and peaceful days. Here you can learn about the most important things in life, awareness, nourishing our body, growing our own food and building your own home among other things. Will, the host, is an outstanding and gifted teacher with the capacity and ability to get beginners in yoga and meditation like myself to the next level. His pace and vibe are something to envy, not to mention his talent. I couldn’t be happier and more grateful with my experience in this incredible place where I met people but left with everlasting friends.

Mariano Cala


Suan Sati
243 Moo 7
Ban Si Bunreuang Pa Phai
San Sai Chiang Mai 50210