Our Commitment to Sustainability

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When designing this center, we asked ourselves and the land how we could create a space that was harmoniously integrated into the natural ecology. Some sustainability elements of Suan Sati were significantly more time consuming, more expensive, or frankly not as effective when compared to conventional methods. Nonetheless, we believe it is our duty to coexist within nature’s perfect framework rather than dominating it for our gain. Furthermore, we strive to leave this planet better than we found it. That is a lofty and idealistic goal, and we don’t always get it right. However, that doesn’t stop us from experimenting with both new and proven methods to show that a different way is possible. Below are a few highlights of our sustainability systems.

Suan Sati Sustainability Eco Retreat Chiang Mai

Solar Power

Suan Sati runs on solar power. This is still a developing and uncommon technology in Thailand, and we are proud be on the forefront of this movement.

Water Conservation

Water is life, simply put. We capture rain water in our ponds during rainy season, and rely on well water during dry season. We conserve water with a clever dish washing station where water is reused twice before being recycled into our garden. Our shower water also runs into our fields, hence why we ask that guests only bring natural hygiene products.
Suan Sati Sustainability Eco Retreat Water Conservation

Growing Food

Being self-reliant on food assures that you can control the process from seed to plate. Our garden is strictly organic, with no chemical pesticides or fertilizers allowed. Our vegetables might not be as big or shiny as the ones in the supermarket, but you can bet that your tongue and your stomach will appreciate the upgrade.

Natural Building

You wouldn’t notice it unless someone pointed it out, but almost every building at Suan Sati is constructed with mud bricks. This building style eliminates many toxic materials from our structures that are present in more conventional styles. A mud brick home can be comfortable, durable, stylish, and environmentally friendly. In fact, you probably won’t even know the difference!
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