Let The Beauty Of Our Temple Inspire Your Practice

Our Temple

Suan Sati Chiang Mai Yoga Shala Icon Dark Red Final

The yoga shala is the centerpiece of our retreat center. It is where we come together as a community to sing, dance, laugh, cry, play, reflect, and build deep connections with ourselves and others. This is our sacred place, and we invite you to honor your sacred nature in this breathtaking space.

Suan Sati Yoga Shala Temple


When we dreamed up designs for the shala, we knew that we wanted to model it after a Thai temple. This is a fitting homage to both the local architectural style and to the feelings of peace and contentment one can experience inside these sacred spaces.

A Space With Heart

The shala is made entirely from recycled teak wood responsibly sourced from local villages. Practicing on hundred year old wood floors while gazing out at the sun dipping over the mountains leaves a long lasting impression on your heart.
Suan Sati Yoga Shala Heart