November to February | 6 Days and 5 Nights

About Our Winter Retreat Program

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Suan Sati hosts 6 day 5 night yoga and meditation retreats in Chiang Mai at our yoga retreat center from November to February. The retreat features twice daily yoga and meditation sessions, daily workshops on a diverse and ever changing range of topics, and plenty of time to relax and unwind. This yoga retreat is focused on bringing you into a deeper awareness of your body, mind, and heart. From this place of deep connection, you may find that your daily actions naturally begin to align with your life’s intention. A yoga retreat at Suan Sati will bring you deeper into your authentic self in an open-hearted, fun way. Here you will be supported by a community of diverse yet like-minded people dedicated to self-discovery.

While on your retreat, you have a special opportunity to do a digital detox. This is a unique chance to move your attention away from the outer world and more towards your inner world. The detox allows you to connect deeper with yourself, the other participants, and the retreat program. While some may have initial resistance to being “disconnected” for a few short days, the overwhelming feedback at the end of the retreat is appreciation for the detox. If you have some urgent need to connect, staff can give you a short hotspot. We understand that some people have family issues that require attention or other urgent business. We just ask that any device usage is done away from other guests so as not to distract them from their digital detox.

A Yoga Retreat At Suan Sati Is Just Different!

Community Yoga and Meditation Retreat Chiang Mai


Nature Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai


Diversity Classes at Yoga and Meditation Retreat Chiang Mai


Food Winter Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai



What's Included

Suan Sati’s Winter Retreat is all-inclusive of 3 plant-based meals per day, accommodation, the meditation and yoga program, and round-trip transportation from our designated pickup point in the old city. We appreciate when the price that’s listed is what we actually pay, so we make sure that you there aren’t any surprises when it comes to your bill. Optional things that are not included in the price are things like natural toiletries, special desserts, apparel, or private one-on-one sessions.

All-Inclusive Cost For Entire Retreat



฿12,500 THB

Mixed Dorm with Shared Bathroom

APPROX. $340 USD | €313 EUR



฿15,500 THB

Shared Room with Attached Bathroom (2 twin beds)

APPROX. $423 USD | €388 EUR



฿20,500 Single / ฿32,500 Couple THB

Private Room with Attached Bathroom (Queen Bed)

APPROX. $559/$885 USD | €513/€815 EUR

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Meditation and Yoga Program

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We practice breath awareness (Anapanasati) as a meditation practice, but retreat participants are welcome to practice in their own personal style that suits them. Simple, grounded guidance and spiritual teachings are offered to support this meditation practice and also the practice of Life.

For yoga, generally your morning practice is dynamic and envigorating, varying between Hatha and Vinyasa with other elements mixed in. Your afternoon practice is generally a gentle slow flow, restorative, or yin style designed to be meditative and balance the morning class. Beginner yogis as well as experienced practitioners are welcome! Our teaching style integrates all students in multi-level classes. Teachers will offer options for those with injuries and limitations, and also for those who want to build fire while taking their practice to the next level.

Here is an in depth view into our yoga vision.

*It is important to note that we will spend more time on yoga than on meditation, and that we are not a replacement for a dedicated silent meditation retreat. Beginner meditators are warmly welcomed here, however please be advised that meditation success is not guaranteed in 6 short days!

Pigeon Pose at Winter Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai
Seated Meditation at Retreat in Chiang Mai
Students in Lunge at Winter Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai
Winter Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chiang Mai Backbend with Instructor

What Else Is On The Schedule?

Daily Workshops and Activities

Each day we offer workshops on topics such as alignment, philosophy, bodywork, pranayama, connection, kirtan. and movement/dance.

Guided Discussions and Journaling

Each morning guests will be invited to participate in a group discussion and journaling prompts to check in with themselves and to process their journey.

Pick Up and Drop Off Points

On arrival and departure days guests will be picked up and dropped off at the Three Kings Monument in the middle of the Old City. Pick up is at 8:45 AM, so plan on arriving at least the night before the retreat.

Daily Schedule

We have intuitively designed a schedule that allows ample time to connect with a variety of engaging classes and workshops, while also building in time to reflect and relax alone as needed. We ask that all guests make a commitment to attend every morning and afternoon yoga and meditation session. Outside of that, the rest of the schedule is optional. Let your heart guide you to the workshops, hammocks, or long walks alone that make your retreat experience exactly what you need.




*Optional activities

*Schedule subject to change. All times are approximate.

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