Our Yoga Vision

Inclusivity, Intention and Empowerment

The Path To Union

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Yoga means something slightly different to everyone. At Suan Sati, we welcome every practitioner and their individual reasons for practicing with open arms. Our philosophy is to meet our guests wherever they are in their practice, and encourage them to pursue their vision of what they need their practice to be. Whether your intentions are physical fitness, rehabilitation, mental development, spiritual awakening, or anything else, you will find an environment here that is supportive of your needs.

Each teacher at Suan Sati has their individual teaching style that conveys their reason for engaging with the path of yoga. While this allows for plenty of personal expression, we also share some core beliefs on methodology.

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We believe yoga should be inclusive as opposed to exclusive. This means that everyone is welcomed and invited to this space regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, or ability. We strive to deconstruct the notion that yoga is only for a certain segment of the population that fits the mold of a “typical yogi”. Our teachers are skilled at creating safe emotional space for you to begin or deepen your yoga journey in a judgment-free zone. We have empathy and compassion for those who may feel marginalized or underrepresented in yoga, and in the world at large. You can book a retreat at Suan Sati with confidence that you will be seen, heard, and valued here.

Inclusivity in the yoga classroom manifests as honoring students exactly as they are. In a group class setting, inclusivity looks like making sure students know that it’s okay to take breaks, modify a posture, or skip a posture that doesn’t work for them. Before or after class is a great time to ask for one-on-one time with a teacher to find a way to feel included and successful in your practice. Always remember, in a group setting, there will be a variety of practitioners with diverse needs. Not every posture, practice, or bit of wisdom will resonate with every student’s needs, and that’s okay. You are not defined by what you can or can’t do in yoga. We hope to provide some time and space for you to discover what you are beneath all the labels and ideas.
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Yoga has the potential to heal and transform body, mind, and heart. This is facilitated by being clear on why you are practicing and what you’d like to put in and get out of your practice. This clear understanding of why you are stepping onto the mat infuses your practice with a strong feeling of “I’m doing this for a purpose, and I am aware what that purpose is.” This is called being intentional. As teachers, we similarly endeavor to be intentional in the classes we guide. This means creating classes that are thoughtfully sequenced, suitably paced, and point to something beyond the physical.
Our teachers offer different perspectives on how yoga has helped them in their lives, and ways to carry the practice off the mat. You may find connection and inspiration from being more intentional in your yoga practice and life, and we’re here to support and guide you in this process.
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At Suan Sati, we firmly believe that yoga is a tool for personal empowerment. Our teaching style is heavily influenced by the view that each student is capable of developing themselves to their highest potential given the right circumstances. The practices that we offer invite students to reflect on what is preventing them from stepping more fully into their power. That could be a strong physical practice to remind you that your body is more capable than you thought, but it could also be a heart-centered meditation to remind you that your heart is more capable of love or forgiveness than you thought.
When you bravely face things that challenge you, you develop resiliency, the ability to withstand difficulty with grace. This forms a more positive self-view, and empowers you to bring these positive changes with you into your daily life long after you step off of the mat.
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