Yoga Retreat Center

Suan Sati has been Northern Thailand’s premier yoga center since 2016. We opened our new location in 2019, and are proud to share our vision for what a yoga retreat center can be – authentic, affordable, sustainable, and beautiful.

Shared Round House Accommodation at Our Yoga Retreat Center in Chiang Mai


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Accommodation at Suan Sati is designed for comfort during your stay. We want you to relax and feel at home here, and it shows through the thoughtful design features of your room.

Healthy Food

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You’ll be spoiled while you’re here with meals that are both healthy and incredibly tasty. Love from our kitchen team is the secret ingredient that makes our food taste so good. Seconds anyone?
Dining Area and Food at our Yoga Retreat Center
Our Retreat Center in Chiang Mai is Focused on Sustainability


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Our commitment to sustainability is evident in the numerous environmentally friendly systems we proudly implement.

Yoga Shala

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There’s a different feeling practicing on wood floors floating over the water. Our shala is the most beautiful in Northern Thailand. Let the beauty of our temple inspire your practice.
Beautiful Yoga Shala at Sunset in Chiang Mai