Do you believe in magic?

Camilla Marsh

April 30, 2018

Life is full of magic,

if we only open our eyes to see and our senses to perceive.

It’s in the fireflies that dance with the stars in the night, incense that sweetens the scent of temples, the soft echo of chanting across the lush mountainside, energy of one hundred years imbued in a tree…
Mamma Shanti is my proof that magic is real.

My name is Camilla, and I’m the soul mamma of Mamma Shanti

– a unique retreat space and guest house in the tea tangled foothills of Ella, Sri Lanka.

Since starting my travels in 2015, I’d been on a mission to help others make their dreams come true. Until one day, I asked myself what my own biggest and most daring dream was. How could I truly help others live their best life if I hadn’t first reached the other side?

So I got going with my biggest manifestation yet…

Sitting in a lakeside treehouse, in Kandy, Sri Lanka, as the stars mingled in the waters below and the sky above, a word drifted into my conscience:

“Mamma Shanti”.

It was a message echoing in the silence around me, and I was ready to listen. The more I pondered on it, the more illumination I received, and an idea started forming in my mind.

After two years of travelling, it was time for me to pursue my purpose for being on this planet – to help others be as happy and as peaceful as they possibly can be, and live as the grandest version of themselves.

Since a young age I’d believed in magic. 29 years on and not much has changed.
Except that now I know it’s real. It’s not make-believe. And my holistic retreat space is
my own personal proof that life can be whatever you want it to be.

You can have anything you want.
You can be happy.
Life can be an incredible journey.

It’s all a matter of choice, being clear in what you want and then believing it’s already yours. Mamma Shanti is my way of sharing my magic with the world.

I invite everyone who crosses our threshold to experience a different way of being, a different way of experiencing, a different way of living. If only for a night, a couple of days or even a few weeks, to live fully immersed in the healing energy of nature, to take time to reconnect to earth and yourself, to switch off from the system and plug in
to your soul.

With a warm welcome to our paradise,
Camilla Marsh

Will’s last word – It’s inspiring for us to see that there are others out there putting in the hard work of making their dreams come alive. We met Camilla this winter and she is further proof that the shift is upon us. Life is short y’all, live intentionally!

To see more of Mamma Shanti, click here to visit their website and Facebook page.


About the Author

Camilla Marsh

Guest Author and Soul Mamma of Mamma Shanti Retreat Center

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