Dancing with Balance:

Expansion + Integration


Whether traveling or stationary,

we’re constantly out in the world.

Experiencing new things.

Intaking the energy being thrown at us.


Bombarded through the day with messages.

Sometimes we hear them, sometimes they pass by.

And the day goes on into the next one.


Without reflection or processing,

we let it all get stuck in our energy field.


How many times have you been




by something in one moment,

only to turn around an continue on with life,

letting the fire pass through with the moment in time.


There’s so much opportunity in the world.

A raw reflection for us to learn about ourselves through the global mirror.

(At a spiritual level, isn’t that the point of our human existence?)


We see it and do it and move on with our lives to the next.


The only way to find the full range of of expansion is through the balance of integration.


A practice of sitting down and contextualizing the process of learning into our own experience.

Alchemizing the lesson to fit into our backpack of wander.


There’s a fine balance, easily tipped in the midst of hostel bunks and extraordinary scenery before we hop on the overnight bus en route to the next trek.


In the space to sit with ourselves and process our encounters,

we breathe life into what resonate with our purpose

and let the rest pass.  Lightening our load by carrying only what serves us.


In summation, we’re always out there in the world.

Gathering information and inspiration.

But unless we do something with that, we become hoarders of our experience.

We must transform them.  Construct something with what we’ve learned.


How is it that you choose to integrate the practice of living?